Biographical and Genealogical Sketches 

of some


Stoughton Residents 


- A -


James Atherton  (1819-1879) - Stoughton Shoe Manufacturer

Samuel Atherton (1815-1895) - Stoughton Shoe Manufacturer

- B -


Isaac Beals Jr. (1836-1905) - East Stoughton manufacturer, and Highland Park Supt.

George Edward Belcher (1850-1924) Stoughton "Shoe last" Manufacturer.

Dea. Benjamin Bisbee (1832-1905) - Stoughton Civil War Veteran, and Dairy Farmer.

David Henry Blanchard (1834-1902) - East Stoughton Representative, and manufacturer.

Atwood L. Boggs - President and treasurer of the Perfection Cooler Company

Edmond H. Bowler - Born in Stoughton in 1864, and was Dedham, Mass. Postmaster in 1918.

Emery Clinton Britton (1858-1936) Stoughton and Canton businessman.

Henry Williams Britton (1851-1924). Town Selectman & Treasurer, and owner of the first automobile in Stoughton.

Joshua Britton (1819-1899) - Stoughton Shoe Awl Manufacturer.



- C -


James Capen (1756-1853). Stoughton's Last Revolutionary War Veteran.

Rev. Dr. Albert St. John Chambre (1834-1911) Universalist Minister, Civil War Chaplain, namesake of Post 72 G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) Post in Stoughton.

Lucius Clapp (1817-1909) - Stoughton benefactor, selectman, surveyor and school teacher.

Orlando B. Crane (1835-1914) East Stoughton Grocery Store merchant.


- D -

Timothy Francis Daly - Stoughton Town Moderator and Attorney in 1918

Henry W. Darling (1836-1906). Stoughton Jeweler and owner of Darling's Block (originally on the corner of Wyman and Washington Streets).

Ellis Drake (1839-1912) the Stoughton born inventor of the modern baseball cover.

Eugene Drew (1845-1902) East Stoughton grocer.


- F -


Charles T. Farrell - Stoughton Postmaster in 1918.

John E. Flynn (1880-1964) Stoughton Historian and Author.

Charles H. French - Stoughton Woolen goods manufacturer.

Ernest M. Fullerton - Proprietor of the F.E. Benton & Company on Brock Street, Stoughton 



- G -


Deborah Sampson Gannett (1760-1827) - the famous female who disguised herself as a man and served as "Robert Shurtleff" in Army during the Revolutionary War.  She resided in Stoughton at the time of her marriage in 1785, and later lived in Sharon until her death.


Frederick P. Glover (1825-1901) - Stoughton born adventurer, and Needham business man.

Dr. Joseph F. Golden, M.D. - a Stoughton Physician for many years.


- H -


Michael William Hanley. Owner of the Pequa Press, Inc. and publisher of the Stoughton News-Sentinel.

Gilbert Harris - Superintendent of Shawmut Woolen Mills in 1918

Elisha Hawes (1848-1910) - Stoughton builder from the 19th century.

Leonard Hodges (1794-1871) - Stoughton Manufacturer and brother to U.S. Ambassador Samuel Hodges.

Marion "Polly" (Wales) Hodges (1795-1881) widow of 1st U.S. Ambassador to Cape Verde, Africa Samuel Hodges.

William Leonard Hodges (1858-1934) Stoughton resident and a Director of the Neponset National Bank.


- J -


Henri L. Johnson (1836-1927). Stoughton Shoe Pioneer and town historian.


- K -


James Keith - East Stoughton Postmaster 1867-1883.


- L -


F. Mortimer Lamb (1861-1936) Stoughton's nationally known artist.

Thomas Law (c.1845-1870) Arrested in Stoughton on September 14, 1866 for horse stealing.

Fred D. Leonard. Treasurer of the Stoughton Trust Co. in 1918.

Loring G. Littlefield (1848-1909) East Stoughton shoe manufacturer.

Horace W. Lowe (1862-1930) Stoughton Businessman (Undertaker).

Millard D. Lowe (1888-1962) Manager of the Electric Sharpener Co. in Stoughton in 1918.




- M -


Albert A. Mead - Stoughton Manufacturer

James Meade (1868-1929) Proprietor of the Meade Rubber Company

Charles A. Miles (1846-1940).  Stoughton's Last Civil War Veteran.

Hon. Elisha Capen Monk (1828-1898) - businessman, Senator, and founder of the Stoughton Historical Soc.

Frank Monk - 19th and 20th century Dairy Farmer from Dry Pond.



- N -


Albert F. Norris - Founder of the Norris Noiseless Pedal Co. which opened a factory in Stoughton in 1910 at the French & Ward Mills in West Stoughton.


- P -


Fred C. Phillips (1884-1963) - Founder of F.C. Phillips Inc., of Stoughton

John G. Phinney (1843-1888) - Partner in the S. C. & J. G. Phinney Counter Co.

Hon. Henry Lillie Pierce (1825-1896) - Member of the House of Representatives; Manufacturer; Mayor of Boston (1873 and 1878); elected as a Republican to the 43rd and 44th Congress (1873-1877).

Col. Jesse Pierce (1788-1856) - School teacher from Stoughton.

Robert Porter (1798-1876) and his son Robert Porter (1823-1892) builders of roads, wells & stonewalls.

George W. Porter (1843-1914) East Stoughton Musician.

Michael F. Powers (1859-1938) Stoughton Businessman (Undertaker).


- R -


Col. George W. Robbins (1839-1906) - East Stoughton Civil War Colonel of the 8th Wisconsin Regt.

Dr. Daniel Campbell Rose (1838-1914) a Stoughton Town Physician 1878-1914.



- S -


Alfred L. Soule - started a wholesale paper company in Stoughton in 1916.

Lemuel Smith - Revolutionary War Prisoner of War from Stoughton

Amasa Southworth (1807-1872) - Stoughton Manufacturer.

Asahel Southworth (1814-1880) - Stoughton Manufacturer.

Col. Consider Southworth (1775-1862) - Proprietor of the Cotton Thread Factory in West Stoughton.

Ernest B. Southworth - manager of George E. Belcher Last Co. in 1918.

Gurdon Southworth - Stoughton manufacturer and Selectmen.

Lemuel Wilbur Standish (1858-1943) - former Editor and proprietor of the Stoughton Sentinel newspaper.

Rev. James F. Stanton (1867-1923) - Priest at the Immaculate Conception Church 1907 to 1919

William Stoughton (1631-1701) - not a resident but the man who the town was named for.

Thomas Stretton - Stoughton Businessman (Manufacturer).

Job Swift (1711-1801) Stoughton resident who settled in Sharon.  Read about his plaque dedication in 1919.


- T -


DennisW. Toomey - superintendent of Upham Brothers Company in Stoughton in 1918.


- U -


Charles S. Upham - Treasurer and Manager of Upham Brothers Co. in 1918



- V -


Police Chief Richard Vanston (1855-1925), Stoughton Chief of Police 1884-1925.


- W -


George A. Wales - State Representative, Stoughton Postmaster, and manufacturer.

Martin Wales (1804-1872) Stoughton Town Clerk and Manufacturer

Nathaniel Wales (1819-1901) Appointed by President Abraham Lincoln United States Commissioner of the Board of Enrollment for the Second District of Massachusetts from 1863 to 1865; Stoughton Boot and Shoe Company (Treasurer); State Senator from Stoughton.

Henry Ward Winship (1882-1968) - Stoughton Businessman (Pharmacist).

Lysander Wood (1835-1906) - Stoughton Civil War Veteran - Co. I. 12th Mass. Inf.

Dr. Appleton C. Woodward (1908-1975) - Stoughton Physician.


- Z -


M.J. Zinner - Manager of the Stoughton Rubber Company in 1918.




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