a Stoughton Physician for many years

Dr. Joseph F. Golden, a successful physician and surgeon of Stoughton, who for the past four years has been chairman of the board of health, was born in Boston, April 26, 1888, and comes of Irish ancestry. His parents, Michael J. and Annie M. (Owens) Golden, are natives of the Emerald isle, whence they sailed for the new world about 1877. The father took up his abode in Boston, where he and his wife have since made their home.

Dr. Golden acquired his education in parochial schools of his native city and in the Boston College, after which he matriculated in the Tufts College as a medical student, winning his professional degree in 1911. He afterward spent a year and a half in St. Elizabeth's Hospital, after which he located for the private practice of medicine in Stoughton, where he has since remained. His ability is attested by the liberal practice accorded him. He is most conscientious in the performance of all his professional duties and he has put forth every effort to increase his efficiency by broad reading and study. He thus keeps in touch with the latest scientific thought and research and he has become the loved family physician in many a household of Stoughton.

In June, 1916, Dr. Golden was united in marriage to Miss Stella C. La Garde, a daughter of Archie M. and Annie (McCormick) La Garde, who are natives of Massachusetts, the father having been born in North Easton, while the mother's birth occurred in Stoughton. Mr. La Garde is a railroad engineer and has resided in Stoughton for many years. Dr. and Mrs. Golden have become parents of a daughter, Anna Marie, born February 23, 1917.

Dr. Golden is chairman of the board of health of Stoughton, a position which he has occupied for the past four years. He is also town physician and school physician and along strictly professional lines he has membership with the Massachusetts Medical Society. Fraternally he is connected with the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Order of Foresters, the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the New England Order of Protection. His religious faith is that of the Catholic church. Politically he has always been a democrat and is now serving as chairman of the democratic town central committee. He is a young man of enterprise who exerts considerable influence over public thought and action, standing at all times for those interests which he believes are progressive factors in municipal welfare.

Source: History of Norfolk County Massachusetts 1622-1918 (New York, S. J. Clark Publishing Co., 1918), 2:249-250.

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