Fred D. Leonard

Treasurer of the Stoughton Trust Company in 1918

Fred D. Leonard, treasurer of the Stoughton Trust Company and thus an active factor in financial circles of Stoughton, where since 1911 he has made his home, was born at New Lebanon, New York, November 23, 1874, and is a son of Hiram E. and Mary L. (Richmond) Leonard, also natives of New Lebanon, New York. The father was a farmer and followed that occupation throughout his entire life in the Empire state save for the period of the Civil war, when he responded to the country's call for troops, putting aside all business and personal considerations so that he might aid in defense of the Union. He served with the [First] Regiment of New York Volunteer Sharpshooters, with which he was connected for nine months. His health became seriously impaired during his army experience and he returned to New York, where he concentrated his efforts upon agricultural pursuits throughout his remaining days, his death occurring in January, 1885. His widow is still living and yet makes her home at New Lebanon, New York.

Fred D. Leonard was reared in his native city and mastered the branches of learning taught in the public schools. He afterward accepted the position of assistant postmaster, which office he filled for four years, and at twenty years of age he went to Boston with the idea of attending business college there. Instead, however, he changed his plans, accepting a position with the International Trust Company of Boston, and thus received practical instead of theoretical training in business. That he proved capable, efficient and faithful is indicated in the fact that he remained with that company for fifteen years. On the expiration of that period he removed to Stoughton, where he took up his abode in 1911, and in company with others organized the Stoughton Trust Company which is capitalized for one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars and which now has a surplus of twenty-five thousand dollars. The deposits of the bank at the present time amount to one million, seventy-three thousand dollars and the institution is in a most flourishing condition. The business methods employed have led to splendid results and the policy of the house is one which will bear the closest investigation and scrutiny, for the officers have ever recognized the fact that the bank is most worthy of patronage which most carefully safeguards the interests of its depositors. The officers of the bank are: Guy A. Ham, president; Ira F. Burnham, vice president; James D. Henderson, vice president; Fred D. Leonard, treasurer; and Louis W. Cutting, actuary. They erected a modern building which they occupied on the 10th of February, 1917. It is a most attractive structure, built in the old colonial style, and its equipment is thoroughly modern.

On the 26th of September, 1905, Mr. Leonard was united in marriage to Miss Emma R. Rein, of Webster, Massachusetts, and they have two children : Constance, who was born June 25, 1907, and Richmond, born February 18, 1914.

The parents are members of the Congregational church and Mr. Leonard is identified with the Masonic fraternity [Rising Star Lodge] and with the Sons of Veterans. Politically he is a republican and has served as treasurer of the public safety committee, while at the present time he is the treasurer of the Red Cross Chapter at Stoughton. He is also connected with the board of trade and his cooperation and aid are ever given to well directed plans and projects for the general good. In matters of citizenship none questions his loyalty and his cooperation can ever be counted upon to upbuild community, commonwealth and country.

Source: History of Norfolk County Massachusetts 1622-1918 (New York, S. J. Clark Publishing Co., 1918), 2:36-37.

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