LORING G. LITTLEFIELD, a shoe manufacturer of Avon , is a native of Randolph, born October 24, 1848 . he is a son of Aaron and Emily ( Wales ) Littlefield. The father is a native of the Pine Tree State; and the mother was born in Randolph, Mass. They had a family of fourteen children, of whom Loring G. was he seventh child. He acquired his primary education in the public schools of East Stoughton, to which place his parents moved then he was three years old. Subsequently he attended school for one term in Middleboro, Mass. When about fourteen years of age he went to work in the boot manufactory of E. Tucker & Co. in East Stoughton (now Avon), where for a short time he was employed in the stitching department. Afterward for a number of years he worked in the stitching department of E. W. & G. W. Littlefield's factory. Entering into partnership with E. W. and G. F. Littlefield in  1872, he was engaged in the manufacture of boots and shoes at East Stoughton, under the firm name of E. W. Littlefield & Co., for four years. Then for six years Mr. Littlefield was in the livery business in East Stoughton, and bought and sold all kinds of live stock, During the ensuing five years he was associated with G. F. Littlefield in the manufacture of boots and shoes in East Stoughton and Brockton, the firm being G. F. & L. G. Littlefield. Since 1888 he has managed an independent business, manufacturing a medium grade of men's boys', and youth's shoes. He has erected a large plant, and when business is good employs about one hundred and eighty hands.

In 1882 he was married to Miss Celia Lynch, of East Stoughton, and has a promising family of five children - Loring, George H., Frank W., Annie G., and Celia V. Mr. Littlefield, who is a Republican, served for three years as Selectman of Avon. He is actively interested in local politics.

Source: Biographical Review - Volume XXV - Containing life sketches of leading citizens of Norfolk County Massachusetts. (Boston, Mass., Biographical Review Publishing Co., 1898), pgs. 77-78.


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