Treasurer and Manager of Upham Brothers Co. in 1918

Commercial enterprise finds in Charles S. Upham, of Stoughton, a worthy representative. He is now the treasurer and manager of the Upham Brothers Company, long one of the old established shoe manufacturing concerns of the city. Throughout his business career he has displayed a progressiveness and initiative that enabled him to keep his establishment in touch with the most improved processes of manufacture and the output has therefore found a ready sale on the market. Stoughton numbers Mr. Upham among its native sons. He was born in January, 1864, and is a son of Alfred and Mary (Churchill) Upham, who were also natives of Massachusetts. The father became a shoe manufacturer and devoted his entire life to that line of business activity. He originally worked in shoe factories in the employ of others and eventually, in company with his brother Charles, organized the Upham Brothers Shoe Company, now known as the Upham Brothers Company. He devoted his time and attention to the development and control of the business throughout his remaining days, his death occurring in 1907. His wife passed away in 1904.

Charles S. Upham was a school boy of Stoughton and when his textbooks were put aside entered the factory with his father and acquainted himself with the various phases of the business. After a brief period he was made a member of the firm, being admitted to a partnership on attaining his majority, and throughout all the intervening years he has been active in the management and control of the business and is now officially the treasurer and manager of the Upham Brothers Company, which is a close corporation, its entire stock being owned by only four members. The company is now engaged in the manufacture of high priced ladies' shoes and produces about one thousand pairs per day. They also make men's shoes to some extent. The attractiveness and excellence of their product has insured a ready sale on the market and their business has enjoyed a substantial growth.

In January, 1889, Mr. Upham was united in marriage to Miss Myra Tenney, a daughter of Charles and Sarah (Lunt) Tenney, the former a native of Massachusetts and the latter of Maine. They became early residents of Stoughton, where the father engaged in business as a shoe manufacturer. He passed away in 1900 but the mother is still living. Mr. and Mrs. Upham have become the parents of a daughter, Dorothy, who was born in December, 1890.

Politically Mr. Upham maintains an independent course, considering the capability of a candidate rather than his party ties. He has served as school commissioner and his aid and influence are always given on the side of progress and improvement in relation to the material, intellectual, social and moral welfare of the community. He has membership in the Chicatawbut Club and his social qualities make for personal popularity among his wide acquaintance.

Source: History of Norfolk County Massachusetts 1622-1918 (New York, S. J. Clark Publishing Co., 1918), 2:81-82.

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