Manager of the Stoughton Rubber Company in 1918

The rubber manufacturing interests of the country are largely concentrated in New England and active in this field of labor is M. J. Zinner, who is now the manager of the raincoat department of the Stoughton Rubber Company, which is a branch of the United States Rubber Company. He is thoroughly familiar with his line of trade and is thus well qualified for the important responsibilities that devolve upon him in this connection. He was born in Dresden, Germany, August 24, 1869, and is a son of Joseph H. and Eleanor (Weiss) Zinner, who were also natives of Germany. The father was a practicing physician of that country and served as an army surgeon in 1866 and 1872. He also occupied the position of coroner there for sixteen years. His death occurred in 1899, while his wife passed away in 1904.

M. J. Zinner remained a resident of his native land through the greater part of his minority and pursued his education largely in the schools of Dresden. In 1885, when sixteen years of age, he crossed the Atlantic to the United States and landed at New York, where he remained for a short time. He afterward went to Chicago, where he continued for a brief period and then resumed his westward journey with Omaha, Nebraska, as his destination. Later he returned eastward to Cleveland, Ohio, where he worked at his trade of designing in connection with the tailoring business and also did the practical work of tailoring in these different cities. He was employed in Cleveland for two years, after which he returned to New York and entered a designing academy. Later he again went to Cleveland, where he took a position as designer in a merchant tailoring establishment, being there employed until 1891, when he be came connected with the Mechanical Rubber Company of Cleveland, a branch of the United States Rubber Company. About 1900 he was transferred to Stoughton, Norfolk county, where he has since been located, and was made manager of the raincoat department at this place. His long experience in connection with the rubber trade has well qualified him for the duties that devolve upon him in this connection and he is a valued representative of the company by reason of his skill and efficiency.

On the 25th of January, 1898, Mr. Zinner was united in marriage to Miss Jennie Metzel and to them have been born three children: May Joyce, who is the wife of S. T. R. Wienrt, and they reside with her father; Gertrude, the wife of Ernest J. Hodges, living in Boston; and Joseph H., who is attending school.

Mr. Zinner is a member of the Masonic fraternity and also of the Knights of Pythias and the Independent Order of Foresters. He likewise is a valued and prominent member of the Chicatawbut Club, of which he is the secretary, and in politics he is a stalwart republican. He is interested in all public and community affairs and has served on the food production and conservation committee of Stoughton and on the Red Cross committee. He cooperates heartily in all movements which are looking to the advancement of the interests of the government in connection with the prosecution of the war and his public-spirited devotion to American interests is a matter well known to all with whom he has come in contact.

Source: History of Norfolk County Massachusetts 1622-1918 (New York, S. J. Clark Publishing Co., 1918), 2:188-189.

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