Stoughton News from the Dedham Gazette

                                            - 1813 -

                                            transcribed by David Allen Lambert (


   Sheriff's Sale [October 29, 1813 (Vol. 1 - No. 11), p. 3]

    Norfolk ss.                           Oct. 22, 1813

    Taken by execution, and will be exposed to sale at the dwelling house of Mr. Jonathan Cobb in Sharon, on

   WEDNESDAY the twenty fourth day of November next, at one of the clock in the afternoon.  All the [right in]  

    equity redemption, which Ward Pope of Stoughton, in said County, has in and in to the following described

    mortgage real estate situated in Stoughton containing thirty acres. Bounded westerly on a town road, northerly on

    land of Jedediah Southworth, easterly on land of John Clap, it being the land which Pope mortgaged to John

   Clap. Conditions made known at the above time.                                                Thomas Kollock, Deputy Sheiff


   Married [November 26, 1813 (Vol. 1 - No. 15), p. 3].

   In Stoughton, on Monday last [22 November 1813], by the Rev. Mr. Richmond, Mr. Calvin Seaver of

   Bridgewater, to Miss Dolly Austin of the former place.


   Sheriff's Sale [November 26, 1813 (Vol. 1 - No. 15), p. 3].

   Taken by execution and to be sold at public vendue, on MONDAY, the twentieth day of December next, at the house

   of Jonathan Cobb Inn holder, in Sharon at 8 o'clock a.m. - all the Right in Equity of Redemption, Azor Pope hath

   in and to a certain tract of land, situate in Stoughton bounded as follows, viz Southeasterly on land of Capt. John

   Clap, westerly on a town road, northerly on land of Jedediah Southworth.  Conditions at the sale.

   Canton Nov. 19, 1813      Elijah Crane, Sheriff


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