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The Stoughton Record from 19051906 and 1909.

Stoughton's first newspaper the Stoughton Sentinel did not last for very long in the 1860's before it was discontinued. Once it was in production again in 1871 it would serve as Stoughton's only local newspaper for a quarter century.  When you are looking for early Stoughton news pre-1860 you must turn to neighboring town newspapers.  

The earliest Stoughton news appears in Boston newspapers in the early 1700's.  Some marriage and deaths in Stoughton were reported in The Massachusetts Centinel, and The Columbian Centinel (1784-1840). 

If you are looking for Stoughton news before 1863 you will find articles, death notices and advertisements relating to Stoughton residents in the following nearby newspapers.  If you see a hyperlink below it is for transcriptions of Stoughton News from that given newspaper:

DEDHAM Dedham Minerva (1796-1798); [Dedham] Columbian Minerva (1799-1804); Dedham Gazette (1813-1819); Dedham Gazette (1850-1870) .  

CANTON : Massapoag Journal and Canton Observer : 1852-1853; Massapoag Journal : 1853-1857.

BROCKTON : [previously North Bridgewater] : Old Colony Reporter : 1850-1851; North Bridgewater Gazette : 1851-1874.

QUINCY : Patriot Ledger : 1837 to present.

RANDOLPH : Randolph Transcript, and Norfolk County Advertiser : 1857-1859, 1860-1862; Randolph Transcript, and New England Advertiser : 1859-1860; Randolph Advertiser : 1862-1863.


                 Some Stoughton Newspapers since 1863

Stoughton Sentinel : 1863-1865, 1871-1915 - renamed - Stoughton News : 1915-1916 - renamed - Stoughton News-Sentinel : 1916-1953 - renamed - Stoughton Chronicle and News-Sentinel : 1953-1979 - renamed - Stoughton Chronicle : 1979 - 

Stoughton Record : 1897-1909

Stoughton Examiner : 1925

The Stoughton Buzz : c. 1996-2004

Stoughton Journal - current


Current Stoughton newspaper links

Stoughton Journal

Current Obituaries in the Stoughton Journal

If you are looking for an obituary, or Stoughton news item I can access many of the above listed historic newspapers and supply you an electronic scan or printout. Contact me at  for details.



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