Old Stoughton School teachers from the 18th Century

School Marms and Masters of Old Stoughton 

Compiled by Daniel T. V. Huntoon.

"The following is a list of the worthies of the eighteenth century who taught either a Grammar, Dames, 

Branch, Moving, or District School in the town of Stoughton." 

Originally published in the Stoughton Sentinel - December 23, 1876, p. 2.



1734                        John Withington


1735                        Edward Williams


1736-1737               Richard Pateshall


1738, 1741              John Withington


1744                        Jno. Newman

                                Michael Shaller


1745                        Sion Morse

                                Hannah Gay


1747                        Rev. Joseph Belcher


1754                        Hannah Wadsworth


1756                        Moses Hartwell


1757                        Samuel Burd

                                James Dresser

                                David Capen


1760-1762               Elijah Dunbar


1761                        Benoni Pratt

                                Elijah Tilden

                                David Capen


1762                        John Kenney

                                Samuel Bird

                                Mrs. Isaac Fenno, Jr.


1763                       Ebenezer Bacon

                               Henry Crane

                               Mrs. Bussey

                               Mrs. Hannah Fenno


1764                       Stephen Tilden


1765                       Elijah Dunbar


1766                       Stephen Dunbar

                               Zachariah Walkings Jr.


1767                      Mary Jordan

                              David Capen


1768                      Daniel Newcomb


1769                      James Hawkes Lewis

                              Elijah Dunbar


1770                 Elijah Tilden


1771                 Josiah Pratt

                         Zacheus Thayer

                         Keziah Finney


1772                 David Capen


1774                 Jeremiah Barnard


1780                Mrs. Olive Guild

                        Philip Holmes

                        Mrs. Mary Merion

                        James Hawkes Lewis

                        Samuel D. Searle

                        Hannah Wadsworth




1784               Joseph Bemis

                       Joshua Morse

                       Reuben Hayward

                       Mrs. John Howard

                       William Hall


1785               Samuel D. Searle

                       Elizabeth Taunt

                       Jedediah Tucker


1786               Jabez Talbot

                       Lemuel Drake

                       Daniel Capen

                       Reuben Howard


1787               Joseph Smith 4th


1789               Elizabeth Hartwell

                       Milly Blackman

                       Elijah Crane

                       Luther Crossman

                       Ralph Pope 2nd

                       Zibiah Morton

                       Susanna Capen

                       Rebecca Dunbar

                       Jannie Capen


1790               Dr. Moses Baker

                       Hannah Tucker

                       Susannah Capen

                       Zibiah Morton

                       Rebecca Dunbar

                       Mrs. John Howard

                       Lemuel French


1791               Debby Goodwin

                       Mrs. Sarah Penniman

                       Polly Crane

                       Dr. Moses Baker

                       Mary Crane


1792               Nabby Everett

                       Joseph Bemis

                       Sukey Dench

                       Lt. James Endicott

                       Mrs. Samuel Carroll

                       John Kenney Jr.

                       Mrs. Azuba Capen

                       Milly Gay 

                       Isaac Morton

                       Mrs. Zibiah Morton


1793               Edward Bartlett

                       Jabez Talbot

                       Betsey Sumner

                       George Wentworth


1794               Rebecca Upham

                       Milly Gay

                       James Pope

                       John Sherman

                       Jabez Talbot

                       Elijah Dunbar

                       James Endicott Jr.


1795               Daniel Wadsworth

                       Polly Hixon

                       Mrs. George Blackman

                       Eunice Davenport

                       John Sherman


1797               Samuel Wadsworth

                       Mrs. Dudley Bailey

                       James Endicott, Jr.

                       Joseph Bemis

                       Ebenezer Clap


1799               Nabby Pope


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