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The following list of houses in present day Stoughton were built before the year 1826.   These buildings were part of the Historic House Committee survey prepared for Stoughton's 250th Anniversary in 1976.  Sadly some of these historic structures were torn down since 1976 and are highlighted in red. Some have also been disproved in recent years to their actual age. The date the structure was built, the name of the original owner, and current address is listed. Note: These houses are often private residences and are not open for tours.  

See also: 1775 Map produced by the Stoughton Historical Society showing houses standing in 1929.

1716 - Dea. Isaac Stearns house site marker on West Street.  This granite monument placed by the Stoughton Historical Society marks the area where the oldest house in present day Stoughton stood.  The original house was torn down sometime ca. 1830-1840.

1734 - Samuel Waters house built in 1734 on West Street was reputed to be still standing at 105 Canton Street in 1976, is not the same structure.  A letter written by Capt. Asa Waters (1760-1845) the grandson of Samuel states in a letter in the 1840's that the old house is torn down, and that a newer structure was built in its place.  This newer structure built perhaps in the 1830's or 1840's was moved to Canton Street.  Recent remodeling has altered the structure that was photographed for the 1976 survey dramatically.

1740 - Consider Atherton, 35 Pratts Court. 

1741 - Isaac Paul, 25 Bradford Street.

1744 - Thomas Glover, 480 Sumner Street.

1746 - Maj. Robert Swan, 540 Park Street.

1752 - Dr. Nathan Buckman, 327 Pearl Street.

1756 - Nathaniel Holmes Jr., 423 Plain Street.

1760 - Edward Capen. 760 Pleasant Street. Home of the famous social worker Bertha Capen Reynolds.  Currently maintained by Friends of the             Capen Reynolds Farm, Inc.

1761 - Ephraim Payson Jr., 1888 Bay Road.

1763 - William Monk, 709 Park Street. Torn down in early 1990's, now the entrance to a new street.

1764 - Turrel Allen, 1404 West Street.  The homestead of the McNamara family since the 19th century.

1764 - Benjamin Gay, 1261 West Street.  The former homestead of Myron Gilbert, whose granite quarry supplied the granite for the Stoughton Railroad Station on Wyman Street. 

1764 - William Smith 2nd, 55 Highland Street.

1767 - Hezekiah Gay Jr., 1528 Bay Road.

1767 - Timothy Gay, 1546 West Street.

1768 - John Guild, 280 Lincoln Street.

1768 - William Packard, 204 Cedar Street.

1768 - William Briggs, 333 Central Street.

1768 - John Osgood, 156 Pleasant Street.

1768 - Samuel Shepard, 541 Sumner Street.

1769 - John Atherton, 470 Central Street.

1769 - Jesse Smith, 725 Plain Street. This structure was burned in the 1880's, it is not certain how much is remaining from the 18th century structure.

1771 - Thomas Crane, 281 Canton Street.

1771 - Jesse Gay, 1460 West Street.

1775 - William Drake, 750 Bay Road.

1775 - William Merion, 1212 West Street.  This was the former farm of Lucius Clapp, which burned to the ground in April 1897.  The only portion which survived was shell of the granite facade of the applied by Myron Gilbert in the 19th century. The current structure and barn date to 1897 reconstruction not 1775.

1775 - Christopher Wadsworth (house) 137 Pleasant Street, (original barn) 145 Pleasant Street.

1778 - Mikel Henry, 387 Page Street.

1783 - Nathan Drake, 44 Mill Street. Torn down in the late 1980's.

1783 - Ambrose Morton, 270 Morton Street.

1790 - John Battles, 389 Central Street.

1794 - James Smith, 925 Plain Street.                   

1795 - James Swan, 550 Park Street.

1795 - Samuel Wales Jr., 696 Pearl Street.

1800 - Elijah Belcher, 1233 Central Street.

1800 - Samuel Capen, 261 Central Street.

1801 - Consider Southworth, 530 Canton Street.

1801 - Richard Talbot, 301 Pleasant Street.

1807 - Stephen Blake, 605 Washington Street. Torn down in the early 1980's to make room for a small group of stores.

1807 - Swan's Tavern (formerly known as the Washington Hotel) now the home of the South Area Solomon Schechter Day School.

For five photographs taken in 1940 [Exterior - front facing;  Exterior - looking east towards Central Street (Photo 1) and (Photo 2); Interior Stair case; First Floor fireplace -  linked from the Library of Congress American Memory Collection. 

Historic diagrams and floor plans created in 1935 - Library of Congress - American Memory website.


1809 - John Low, 1960 Central Street.


1814 - Samuel Atherton, 449 Central Street. Torn down between July 8-10, 2005. 

For two earlier exterior photographs taken in 1935 (Photo1) and (Photo 2) linked from the Library of Congress American Memory Collection.

Historic diagrams and floor plans drawn in 1937 of this recently torn down Stoughton landmark can be found on the Library of Congress - American Memory website. This house site will be soon converted into  part of the driveway or parking lot for the Striar Jewish Community Center at 445 Central Street. 


1814 - Wallace Capen, 767 Turnpike Street. The first Post Office in Stoughton.

1814 - Luther Clark, 921 Washington Street.

1814 - Simeon Presbery, 1678 Central Street.

1815 - Samuel Monk, 434 Central Street.

1817 - Ephraim Curtis, 279 Pearl Street.

1818 - Methodist Meeting House, 1829 Central Street.  Torn down in the early 1980's.  Location is now a small strip mall located at 1819 Central Street.  This was the oldest surviving church structure in Stoughton at the time.  Presently the Methodist Church on Pleasant Street (built in 1866) is the oldest church in present day Stoughton.  The Avon Baptist Church (formerly East Stoughton Baptist Church ) was built in 1848 and is the oldest church structure from the original town of Stoughton. 

1818 - West School House.

1821 - Henry Drake, 69 Pleasant Street.

1821 - James Hill, 25 Pleasant Street.  Torn down a few years ago, and the site is now a parking lot for the Randolph Savings Bank.

1820 - Jonathan Linfield, 23 Pearl Street.

1821 - Israel Dickerman, 179 Wyman Street.

1822 - Russell Drake, 652-654 Bay Road.

1822 - Luther Southworth, 1716 Central Street.

1823 - Isaac Talbot, 434 Pleasant Street.

1824 - Elisha Capen, 719 Turnpike Street.


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