Historical publications relating to the 

Old Stoughton Musical Society

for the benefit of historians and genealogists.

Many thanks to the officers of the Old Stoughton Musical Society who permitted me to produce a history section for the Old Stoughton Musical Society.  This will be the first of a few publications relating to the history of America's Oldest Choral group.

The following book was never indexed however through the technology of the Internet we can search each word and passage.  I would like to stress when searching for a member in the member lists they are last name - first name.  The general passages of the book are first name - last name, with the exception of the biography pages where I have reversed them for easier searching.

Lemuel W. Standish, The Old Stoughton Musical Society. An historical and informative record of the Oldest Choral Society in America.  Together with interesting data of its organization, meetings, reunions and outings, and a complete list of past and present officers and members.  Illustrated, compiled and published in accordance with a vote of the society January 1, 1928. (Published in 1929)

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