Civil War Veteran with - Co. I. 12th Massachusetts Infantry


Obituary and a short biography from the The Stoughton Sentinel, January 1885

Sad Accident.- Mr. Abram Dyer

One of our most respected citizens, came to his death in a most sorrowful manner last Tuesday afternoon. He intended to pass the afternoon in skating on York pond, and left his home for that purpose about noon. In the middle of the pond is a sheet of thin black ice about one hundred feet square. The unfortunate man probably did not notice this place, if he had he would not have ventured upon it, as he was a very cautious man. He had not passed over more than a rod of the black ice before he broke through, and some men who were chopping wood close by heard his cries for help, and hurried to his assistance, but before they arrived he disappeared. Mr. Chas. Myers brought the sad news to North Stoughton and the people turned out en masse bringing with them a boat, grappling irons, ropes, etc. The body was recovered about seven. Mr. Dyer was about forty-three years of age and leaves a wife and two sons. He was honored and respected by all who knew him and his death has cast a gloom over the whole community that will last for some time. The wife and family have the heartfelt sympathy of all in their great affliction. Deceased was a member of Stoughton Lodge, I.O.O.F., who will attend his funeral which is to be held to-day at two o'clock.


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