Transcribed from ton microfilm of 

"Letters of application and recommendation during the administration of [President] James Monroe 1817-1825 (HI-J)" at the 

National Archives in Washington, D.C.

[M-439, roll # 9] 













                                 Stoughton, (Masstts) October 8, 1817 .


Hon. Sir,


            By then death of my friend Capt Fish, at Bonavista

the office of Consul from the Cape-de-verde-Island has become

vacant, and anxious to serve my country in that Capacity

I beg leave to offer myself as a candidate for a consulate

appointment at that place


            In making this application, I am aware that requires

testimonials of Character and Capacity will be required,

which I can furnish you from my Friends in Bristol Coun

-ty, my native place of residence, viz:- from Nathl Williams,

Esqr Collector of Customs for the Ports of Taunton and Dighton,

Hon. Nathl Morton, collector of the Internal Revenue for Bristol

District, Hon. Joseph Tisdale, Hon. Josiah Dean, Hon. David

Perry, Noah Claflen, Esqr late Sheriff of Bristol County, and

from my particular friend the Hon. Marcus Morton, member

of Congress elect for Bristol District - Al so, from Doctr James

Mann, Hospital Surgeon of the Army, - and from the partial

acquaintance I have formed during my short residence

of two years in this, Norfolk County , with the Hon. Ebenr Seaver,

Hon. Amasa Studson and the Hon. Joseph Bemis, (with whom,

prehaps [sic], you are acquainted,) and whose recommendations,

with the Gentleman mentioned in Bristol County , you will

I trust, view as sufficient, when received, to grant the appointment

deseired [sic].


            Permit me to solicit, that you would be pleased to inform

me whether the vacancy has been filled, and that the



[p. 2]


appointment will be made are the convening of the next

Congress? - I presume the appointment must be advised and conse[nte]

-d by the Senate; and should it not have been already made you w[ill]

confer a favour by placing this application on file, and wait the

receipt of proper recommendations, which will afford me pleasure

in speedily forwarding.


            Knowing as I do that letter writing is totally incompatible with

your officil [sic] duties; yet, when you conceive that my motive in asking

this favour was to supercede the necessity, if the vacancy has been

filled, of preparing and forwarding the proper letters of introduction

and recommendations, I trust you will excuse the presumption.


            Having always devoted my time to mercantile persuits [sic.], with

the excuption [sic] of about two years during the late war, while honored

by the President with a Commission in the Army, it is presumable

that the duties incident to the office of Consul, will readily be

acquired - It is with much difference that I mention this circumstance

yet, as such persuits [sic] have a tendency to render the duties of the office

more familiar, I trust you will pardon the intrusion.


            With sentiments of high consideration, I have the honor

to be, Sir, your most Obedient Humble Servant


                                                            Samuel Hodges, Jun.



Hon. John Quincy Adams ,

Secretary of State,

Washington City  


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