The following transcription comes from a sampler of a family register for John and Elizabeth (Bird) Taylor of Stoughton.  It was created at Stoughton in 1814 by their 12 or 13 year old daughter Elizabeth after both parents had died.  


                                                                           Family Register 

                                                           [click to see an image of the sampler]


                                            John Taylor Born May 11th AD 1777 Maried March 8th 

                                            AD 1799 to Elizabeth Bird Born November 20th AD 1779

                                            Elizabeth Taylor Born March 31st AD 1802

                                            Edward Taylor Born March 31st AD 1802

                                            Samuel Taylor Born October 20th AD 1806

                                            John Taylor Died Sep 5th AD 1807     Elizabeth Taylor Died



                                                                               Elizabeth Taylor

                                                                               Stoughton 1814                                                               


Elizabeth was later married 8 September 1822 to Capt. Moses Bullard of Medfield, Massachusetts.  In the Medfield vital records are recorded the following children for Elizabeth and Moses Bullard: 

  1. John Taylor Bullard, b. 1[?] January 1823.

  2. Mary Bullard, b. [--] February 1825, d. at Medfield 2 December 1828.

  3. Elizabeth Bullard, b. 31 October 1826.

  4. Mary Jane Bullard, b. 9 February 1829.

  5. Sarah Plimpton Bullard, b. 18 November 1830.

Like her parents young Elizabeth (Taylor) Bullard did not live to see her own children grow to adulthood.  She died at Medfield, Massachusetts 5 January 1831. On the census of 1870 Moses Bullard is farmer still living in Medfield, Massachusetts at the age of 73 yrs.  Living with him are his unmarried children: John T. (age 46), Elisabeth (age 44), and Mary J. (age 42). In 1871 Moses Bullard died in Medfield, Massachusetts.

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