Stoughton's 1928 Maxim Fire Truck 

- Engine # 2 -

Rededication Ceremony - November 6, 2005

This historic fire truck served the town of Stoughton from 1928 to 1956 as Engine 2 and is now owned and operated by the Stoughton Historical Society

Photos by Joe Mokrisky



Stoughton Fire Department Honor Guard with 1928 Engine # 2 at the Rededication Ceremony  in front of the Lucius Clapp Memorial Building. (Left to Right) Firefighter - Scott Mellyn; Lieut. -"Buddy" O'Neil; Firefighter - Brian McCarthy; Capt. James Bertram.




Joe Mokrisky Chairman of the Stoughton Historical Society Board of Directors 

(on the left) presents a plaque to Terry Conroy (on the right) in recognition for his generous donation for the funds to purchase Engine 2.  We now have an important piece of Stoughton History back home in Stoughton.



(Left to Right) Bill Donovan (former owner of Engine 2); Don Chipman (Stoughton Firefighter); Joe Mokrisky ( President of the Board of Directors); and Joe DeVito President of the Stoughton Historical Society.

Joe Mokrisky presenting a plaque in recognition of Bill Donovan's efforts.

We are deeply grateful to our friend  Bill Donovan of Brockton for his kindness in offering Engine # 2 for sale to the Stoughton Historical Society.  Bill's efforts in preserving Engine # 2 over the years, and recent efforts to return it back home to Stoughton will be long remembered by the residents of Stoughton.



(Left to Right) Joe Mokrisky, President of the Board of Directors and Engine # 2 Exhibit Director; David Allen Lambert, member of the Board of Directors and Genealogist / Historian; Joe DeVito President of the Stoughton Historical Society.  The Staff of Engine # 2Exhibit would like to say "Thank you:" to Joe DeVito for his leadership.



(Left to Right) Retired Stoughton Fire Chief Paul Roach, and Stoughton Firefighter Don Chipman riding around Stoughton on the Rededication Day November 6, 2005. Former Chief Roach actually was the first fire truck he drove when he was a member of the Stoughton Fire Department.  We were delighted to have Chief Roach with us for this special occasion.



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