Third Meeting House (site in Canton Corner Cemetery).

Rev. JEDEDIAH ADAMS (1710-1799) - 3rd Parish Church 1746-

He was called to Stoughton to the pastorate 6 September 1745, and was ordained 19 February 1746. He retired from the pulpit in 1792, allowing Rev. Richmond to step up. He died at Stoughton 25 February 1799.  His son Dr. Peter Adams (1756-1832) was the first Master of Rising Star Lodge of Stoughton in 1799.  He was buried in the family tomb at Pearl Street Cemetery, Stoughton.


Rev. JOEL BRIIGGS (1717-1797) - East Stoughton Baptist Church  1785-1825.
He was born at Norton, Mass. 15 April 1757; died at East Stoughton 18 January 1828.  He was a son of George and Sarah (Wilkinson) Briggs.  Joel served as a private with Capt. Sept Gilberts 2nd Norton Co.. Col. John Daggett's Regt. that marched to the Lexington Alarm.  He entered Brown University in 1777, he received an honorary B.A. in 1787, and was awarded his M.A. in 1795.  He served the East Stoughton Baptist Church for two years before his ordination on 5 December 1787.  He was buried in the East Main Street Cemetery, Avon.


Rev. PHILIP CURTIS (1717-1797) - 2nd Parish Church 1741-1797.
He was born at Roxbury,Mass. 11 October 1717; died at Sharon, Mass. 22 November 1797. Philip graduated Harvard University in 1738.   He became the first settled minister in the 2nd Precinct of Stoughton (now Sharon) and served from 1741-1797.   He is buried at the Chestnut Tree Cemetery, Sharon, Mass.

Rev. SAMUEL DUNBAR (1704-1783) - 1st Parish Church 1727-1783.

He was born at Boston 2 October 1704.  He graduated Harvard College in 1723.  Samuel was ordained as the minister of the First Parish in Stoughton 15 November 1727.  He died at Stoughton 15 June 1783.  Rev. Dunbar is buried with his family at the Canton Corner Cemetery, Stoughton.


Rev. ZECHARIAH HOWARD (1758-1806) - 1st Parish Church 1786-1797 *
He was born at Bridgewater, Mass. 1 May 1758.  Zechariah graduated Harvard University in 1784.  He was ordained the minister of the First Parish Church in Stoughton 25 October 1786. *Rev. Howard remained the minister in that part of Stoughton that later became Canton in 1797.  He served the Canton church until his death 18 September 1806. Interesting account of Rev. Howard can be found on the Canton Historical Society website.

Rev. JOSEPH MORS (1671-1732) - 1st Parish Church 1717-1727.

He was born at Medfield, Mass. 25 May 1671, the son of Joseph and Priscilla (Colburn) Morse.  Joseph was a graduate of Harvard College in 1695.  He was a settled minister in Weston, Mass. from 1701-1706, then answered the call to the South Precinct of Dorchester in 1808 .  He was officially ordained as the First Minister of church at the South Precinct on 13 October 1717.  He was dismissed from the church in 1727 and replaced by Rev. Samuel Dunbar.  His house stood across the street from the old First Parish Church site (now the Canton Corner Cemetery, Canton, Mass.).  He married Unity Harris.  Joseph died 29 November 1732 and was buried with his wife at the Canton Corner Cemetery.


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