Source: A Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Service with their Names, Ages, and Places of Residence as returned by the Marshals of the several judicial districts under the act for taking the sixth census. Published by authority of an act of Congress under the direction of the Secretary of State. Washington: Printed by Blair and Rives, 1841.





[p. 32]


Name of pensioners for                                                                Names of heads of families with

Revolutionary or military service                Age                         whom pension resided June 1, 1840

Rebecca Littlefield                                           75                            Rebecca Littlefield                                   

Anna Kieth                                                      88                            William Curtis, Jr.

Thomas Curtis                                                 83                            Thomas Curtis

Elizabeth Williams                                            92                            Elizabeth Williams

Amos Guild                                                      87                            Amos Guild

Sildence Holmes                                               82                            Silence Holmes

Benjamin Bisbee                                               80                            Benjamin Bisbee

Relief Harris                                                     74                            Relief Harris

Lemuel Smith                                                   81                            Jesse Pierce

Asa Waters                                                     80                            Asa Waters

Chloe Drake                                                    77                            Benjamin Drake

Samuel Wales                                                  80                           Samuel Wales


Due to the fact that many of the pensioners were once Stoughton residents I have also included Canton.


[p. 33]

Elizabeth Crane                                                85

Charles Echard                                                 47

Samuel Bisby                                                    76

Martha Howard                                                80

Nathaniel French                                               77

Sarah Billings                                                     80

Nathaniel Wentworth                                         80

Ephraim Hunt                                                     78

Rachel Wentworth                                              86

Ruth Blockman                                                   73

Mary Burr                                                          89

Israel Bailey                                                        93



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