Dry Pond (1) (2)
Holy Sepulchre  Maplewood (1) (2)
Marshall Bird Family

Poor Farm Cemetery

Pearl Street               

Porter Family, South St. 
Pride of Brockton    

Canton - pre 1797
Burr Lane (Indian  
Canton Corner
Chapman St. (Indian)
Gridley-Smallpox            Indian Lane (Indian) Proprietors    

Sharon - pre 1765
Chestnut Tree      
Rock Ridge                         West-Billings 

Avon - pre 1888
Avon- E. Stoughton Curtis family                   

E. Main Street  

St. Michael's Catholic

  Ebenezer Billings gravestone (1717) West-Billings Cemetery, Sharon, Mass.

Stoughton was once part of a larger area consisting now of the towns of Canton, Sharon and Avon, Massachusetts.  When you are looking for a gravestone that pre-dates 1888 it may or may not be in present day Stoughton.  I have personally transcribed all the stones with pre-1900 inscriptions in present day Stoughton.  And I have also transcribed all the gravestones in Canton (pre-1797), Sharon (pre-1765), and Avon (pre-1888). Let me know what gravestones you might be looking for in any of the cemeteries listed on the left.  I do offer gravestone photography at any of these cemeteries.

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