Last Will and Testament of Marion W. “Polly” Hodges (1795-1881)  

[Source: Norfolk County, Mass. Probate: 146:43-44]

            In the name of God, my Heavenly Father, from whom I have received all my earthly blessings, and whose, guidance, and direction I now seek in disposing of the same. Trusting myself through the goodness of God to be sound of mind and memory. I, Polly W. Hodges of Stoughton in the County of Norfolk , State of Mass. , do declare this Instrument to be my last will and testament.

1st        I wish all my just [debts] to be paid, expenses, of sickness, and funeral expenses, having my name engraved on the Monument on our Lot in Evergreen cemetery, in Stoughton , Mass. , and of having a Grave-mark which will be found on my premises placed to my grave.

2d         I give to my son Samuel W. Hodges all my stock, 13 shares in Blue Hill National Bank in Boston, Mass., also the dwelling house and land belonging to me in Stoughton, Mass., and Pew No. 2. in the Congregational Church in Stoughton , Mass.

3d            I give to each of my grand children 3 bank share in the Shoe and Leather National Bank in Boston, Mass. Also I give each of them 1 large silver spoon and 2 Tea spoons marked S. H., the initials of their grand father’s name, and to each of them I give 1 silver plated knife and fork, and napkin ring marked H, also 1 small plated knife and fork and 2 Tea spoons unmarked, I give to my 2 Grandsons each a butter knife marked S.H.

4th        I give to my daughter Rebecca W. Hodges and to each of my grand daughters their choice of one article of wearing apparel from my ward-robe, the remainder of my wearing apparel, I give to my nieces Miss Eliza W. Curtis, Mrs. Joanna W. Smith, Mrs. Marion A. Keene, Mrs. Samuel W. Curtis, Mrs. George H. Curtis to be divided equally among them.

5th        The fore-going Legacies to be paid within 3 months after my decease, except thou belonging to the minors, theirs to be paid as they severally arrive at the age of twenty one years.  The Executor to receive the dividends accruing there from for his own use and benefit until the time for payments.  All my remaining property after paying the expenses and legacies above named, I give to my son Samuel W. Hodges whom I constitute Executor to this my last will.


Stoughton   Jan 27th 1874                                                                      Polly W. Hodges (seal)


Signed, sealed and declared by the above named Polly W. Hodges to be her last will and testament in presence of us who at her request and in her presence  hereunto set our names as Witnesses.

                                                                                                            Jabez Talbot Jr.

                                                                                                            Willard White

                                                                                                            Levi R. Drake


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