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November - December 1992 / January 1993


Dear Friends,

Our September get together was a delightful evening of a delicious beef burgundy dinner, good fellowship and a great "group singing" led by David Benjamin.

We scored BIG with the Stoughton Waterworks Centennial Open House. Thanks to all who contributed to the refreshments and also helped that day. Our thanks to Jim Williams, Larry Barrett and members of the Water Department, to Town Manager Phil Farrington for all his support, to Louie Ugo, Dunkin Donuts for the coffee plus, to Henry Rogers of Dorothy Jeans for the donation of a delicious - beautifully decorated cake, complete with the waterworks building. Alice Petruzzo and Howie Hansen for preparing the display and the history. To Marjorie Williams for the great photos. All the displays and the photos may be seen at the Society. Be sure to check them out. Isn't this what it is ALL about. And two selectmen attended - Charlie and Joe.

We made it! The Lucius Clapp Memorial was accepted on August 18, 1992 for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places by the Massachusetts Historical Commission. Do you see the fine hand of our Archivist Alice in this?!

Amelia Drummey reports the following new members. WELCOME!!!

Barbara Cottam

Patricia and Philip Farrington

Elizabeth and John Hardy

Lorraine F. Powers

Francis Scarpaci, Jr.

Marion and Hobart Wynant

Delayed 50th wedding anniversary congratulations to Eleanor and Curator Ed Meserve. May they have 50 more!!

Have you noticed the material in the Society's reading room? There are magazines pertinent to historic preservation, upcoming historic house tours and preservation conferences. Preservation education which includes undergraduate and graduate degree programs held at Roger Williams University, Bristol, R.I., Boston University and other neighboring states. Also a preservation crafts and trades training program in Boston, Sturbridge, Keene, N.Y., Brookfield, CT Local exhibits - now thru Jan. 8th - 200 years of Needle and Thread Exhibit, Pilgram Hall Museum, 75 Court Street, Plymouth.

On Tuesday, November 10th, 8 o'clock,

Library, the Westwood Historical Society will present the history of the Baker Chocolate Company - Anthony Sammarco will present a slide show and exhibit. Good take in.

What to do with your very own memorabilia - preserve your heritage - let the Stoughton Historical Society -preserve it for you. Step into the pages of history - capture your personal history for future generations. Interested? Details on how to write your life story will be forthcoming.

Curator's Corner - Ed Meserve

It has been said that the only safe way to double your money is to fold it in half! That may be true, but folding doesn't always double anything. As witness: In the collections of our Society there are several items that fold, some of them rather surprising. For instance, we have a folding comb, many folding fans, folding cabinet maker's rules. Of course, our parasols fold; one even has a folding handle, another telescopes. All of our books fold, as is the wont of books worldwide. In our archives are wallets and leather folders meant for carrying correspondence. We own several privacy screens, varying in their condition and now awaiting refurbishing. Our collections include folding coat hangers -- yes, we own more than one. The most unusual folding object is a typewriter. Believe it or not, we own three of these. One of these was used during World War II by Amy Terrell. All three fold into their own cases and all are operable.

ACQUISITIONS -- We have just recently received four volumes of town records dating back to the 1700s and on up to 1918. These will be treated as rare volumes, as, indeed, they are. E.M.

OUR NEXT MEETING - SUNDAY, November 15th. 2 p.m.

Mary Brewster (nee Eleanor A. Mason) will present "Pilgrims, a New Approach"- plus unusual displays.


JANUARY - Monday, January 19th - Regular Meeting. The program will be the STOUGHTON GRENADIERS in full regalia. Joe Gelly, past captain will take us back to their beginning!

                                                                                                                                    Aina McMann


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