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(Regular meetings third Monday at 7:30 PM) 


Volume III, Number 10  - November 1972


THE QUESTION of dues being paid at time of annual meeting which is now moved to May from January, has been raised. It is quite evident that your dues will be paid previous to the January meeting and that you will then be paid up until May of 1974. . . a real bargain of an additional five months for. the very reasonable two dollars. Your dues will NOT again be payable in May. However, during this transition period it is hoped that you will make a donation of one dollar to either our regular treasury, the Building Fund, or the Birthday Fund.

NEXT MEETING will be held on November 20 and will feature a talk and extensive display presented by Mrs. Alice Magee, "dean of 4-H in the area." Her subject will be the "History of 4-H in Stoughton" Mrs. Magee has been associated with 4-H here for thirty years and will have an informative program.

IN RETROSPECT. . .The October meeting was a treat by Edwin White of the Simpson Spring Co. His illustrated presentation was spiced with wit and humor and covered the history of the well-known local firm from a period prior to the formation of the business right up to the present. The firm is nearing its 100th year of operation at the original location, which for years was a sort of wintering spot for the Indians who came because the springs were open throughout the cold weather (sort of a red man's Miami). Ye ol' Ed was interrupted during the talk by Mr. White and missed quite a few laughs...but the interruption was a welcome one as it was a visit from..

REPRESENTATIVE MAURICE RONAYNE who came to present us with the official flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are grateful to Rep. Ronayne for such a gift and it will very nicely compliment the National Emblem given to us recently by Congressman Burke. When our rooms are repainted these two flags, on standards, will' look beautiful.

GIFTS CAME FROM Warren Blum who salvaged from destruction a showcase from Al DeLuca's corner store. Al purchased the case 42 years ago from a second-hand dealer! Warren also donated two U.S. maps dated 1900 and 1911 and a 46-star flag (which was dated erroneously by your president at 1925... the actual date is 1907...the date of the admission of Oklahoma.) A program from the 100th Anniversary Minstrel Show presented by the Immaculate Conception Church was given by Ed Meserve; a brass key tag from Taylor's Hotel (where was it?) came from Gus Winroth along with a high school association dance program. Many gifts from the now closed St. Mary's School were given by the Sisters of St. Joseph and include two Bibles, a dictionary, a fine portrait of Fr. Gunn:, and a uniform worn by one of the more recent students was presented by Marie Sheehan.

WELCOME to new members Allen Peeler (Lt. Col., U.S. Army, retired), Henrietta Sheinker, Dave Benjamin, Ella Kelleher, Mildred Kelleher.

GUESTS were Charlotte Rennie and Teresa Leahy. We hope to see then on our membership list soon. (Omitted earlier were gifts received from Eugene Toomey and Mrs. Mary DeMatteo...sorry.)

A VISIT TO HOMES is being planned for the Spring by Marie Sheehan and Angeline McEachern. If you would be kind enough to open part or all of your home if it is old please cooperate with these two volunteers and please, please offer your services in planning this tour of homes. It is to be sponsored by our Society and will be a guided tour (or self-guided) for the public with an admission being charged to aid one of our many needs.

ANGELINE McEACHERN was your hospitality hostess in October and was ably assisted by some of our gentlemen (serving Simpson Spring beverages, of course).

WE MUST HAVE a commemorative medal committee and it should be made up of volunteers. Your first pleasure will be a meeting with Mr. Garrigus of the Blackinton Co. who will take you on a tour of their facilities. Your first duty will be to choose a design for the reverse side of the medal (assuming that the front will be the Town Seal.) With cooperation from many willing folks in our Society you will have the task of raising the funds for the project, too. You JOINED...now PARTICIPATE.

NOTE PAPER for your own use or for Christmas giving was displayed at the last meeting and is available at $1.50 a box. Order from Amy Terrell at 344-2222 and pay at the November meeting.

EASTON'S SOCIETY is producing the "Mrs. Anna Ames Cook Book" as a fund-raising project. It should be ready for Christmas, too, and will contain over 250 recipes, some in Mrs. Ames' own hand, and not all necessarily food products (One is her recipe for cold cream). Order from COOK BOOK; Easton Historical Society, Inc., Box 3, North Easton, Mass. 02356.

GIFT TO BUILDING FUND rec'd as this is written...a very generous donation from Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L. Burt in memory of George W. Pratt, father of Mrs. Burt. A warm thanks for a nice thought.

MEW MEMBERSHIP CARDS have been supplied through the courtesy of Howard Hansen. Pay your dues now and be among the first to see one!

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