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(Regular meetings third Monday at 8PM) 


Volume II, Number 5 - June 1971


The May 17th Meeting was presided over by First Vice President Carl L. Smith in the absence-of our President who was, unfortunately, confined to home by illness. Despite the fact that no program had been announced we had an excellent turnout and overflowed our regular meeting room for the second month in succession...always a very gratifying sight. .. Mr. Smith, after conducting the regular business of the meeting, spoke briefly of our plans for the Pilgrimage to Sandwich and was received by an enthusiastic membership.

NEW MEMBERS welcomed were: Mr. Warren Batchelder, Mrs. Rose Forte, Mrs. Eva Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Bishop, Mrs. John Forrest; and belatedly, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Podgurski who joined us earlier. Our membership has grown about twenty-five per cent in the past year!

DONATIONS received included a bayonet dated 1897 given by Howard Gill; many interesting pictures by George Gerard given by Mr. and Mrs. E. Curtis Brewster (these pictures were on display during the social hour and were thoroughly enjoyed); post cards and old photos pertaining to the Town's history were given by Carl L. Smith.

BIRTHDAY BAGS: a means of increasing the fund needed for a proper celebration of our dual anniversaries only a few short years away, were distributed to those members who wished to have them. They are quite attractive (ye ol' Ed has his hanging in the kitchen) and will become more attractive as they are filled and begin to bulge a bit. The bags were made by Amy Terrell and a very modest volunteer from LaCivita Court (a non-member) from sturdy material furnished by Mrs. Warren Batchelder. These bags were originally intended to be filled by dropping in a coin each sunny day. . . .but each day may become sunnier if a coin is popped into the bag regardless of the weather. The Birthday Bags will be brought to the first Fall meeting and emptied into a common container. The fund must necessarily be separate from our treasury so let's all be as generous as possible and we shall reap the harvest during the big shindig in 1975-76. If your bag becomes full during the summer do not hesitate to ask for another. Phone any officer.

HOSPITALITY HOSTESSES at the May meeting were Mrs. George Waal, Ada Meserve, and Hazel Kelleher.

THE TRUSTEES have voted to meet regularly throughout the summer.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT this summer: an amendment to the By-Laws. Proposed that Section 1 of Article III be amended to read: "At the first meeting in each year there shall be assessed and collected from each member of the Society, excepting Life, Honorary and Corresponding Members, the sum of ($3.00) three dollars, etc." The article now reads, as amended December 6, 1945: "Article III. Dues. Section 1. "At the first meeting in each year, there shall be assessed and collected from each member of the Society, excepting Life, Honorary or Corresponding Members, the sum of ($1.00) one dollar, which shall be paid to the treasurer to provide for the expenses of the Society."

IT IS WITH REGRET that we note the passing of Ambrose Buckley in May. he was a well-known merchant in town and a long time member of the Society. Mr. Buckley had suffered a long illness.

THE ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE was favored with beautiful weather this year. With a very good attendance our party left by bus for Heritage Plantation in Sandwich, stopping first at Anthony's on the Canal for a meal. We knew the trip was to be a success almost from the start because we had a couple of mixups in directions...past experience has taught us not only to take these in stride; but that our pilgrimages often offer a bit of difficulty followed by a very smooth-running day. This trip was no exception...the meal was spoken of highly by all those queried and the visit to the Heritage Plantation with its auto museum in a round Shaker barn, its operating windmill, gift shop and military museum was thoroughly enjoyable. Transportation on the grounds was available to those who wished to eliminate some of the walking through the beautifully landscaped areas. (The Threatened blocking of traffic at the canal bridges had little effect on our journey. We saw more law officers than protestors I) Just prior to our departure group photos in both color and black-and-white were taken by Chet Cohenno. 5"x7" copies /of the color photos will be available at Mr. Cohenno's shop on Washington Street just $1.50 each. This is a special group price and applies only on pictures ordered and paid for before Saturday, July 3rd See what you are buying at Cohenno's where a sample is on display and place your order early.

WE MISSED some of our newer members who, for one reason or another, were unable to attend; members of longer standing were also missed; and, unfortunately, we did not have our President, Mrs. Batchelder, or our 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents, Mr. Smith and Mr. Benson, with us.

IF YOU HAVE a program which you could present to a friendly audience this fall and winter season please contact any of the officers or trustees. They will be meeting regularly this summer and are endeavoring to plan ahead for next season...with an interesting program every month. Try to keep your subject within the realm of our Town's history...but the trustees will be happy to hear of any proposed program. Perhaps a friend could be persuaded to talk.

FILL YOUR BIRTHDAY BAG, get a souvenir color photo, and have a thoroughly enjoyable and restful summer. Ye ol' Ed wishes you all happy days.


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