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(Regular meetings third Monday at 7:30 PM) 


Volume IV, Number 12  - January 1974


THE TWO WREATHS on our front doors came to us through the courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce and Tippy's Garden Center. They decorated and were made extremely attractive by Amy Terrell. These wreaths and the two on the church on the green were about the only decorations in Stoughton square this past holiday season.

WE HASTEN TO THANK Steve Adamson for the fine presentation of the life 2nd music of Charles Ives, our program for November. This was omitted from the last Newsletter due to lack of-space, not a lack of appreciation, Steve is a speaker who "does his homework" and, as before, brightened an already interesting talk with ssrae samples of the music of Charles Ives.

DECEMBER'S PRESENTATION was equally interesting and equally well received by an enthusiastic but small attendance. We enjoyed the visual and finely narrated lessons of how to date our neighborhoods by observing the homes about us and by the nature and style of the markers in local cemeteries. The December program was ably presented by Duncan Oliver of the Easton Historical Society.

THE TO MAP produced for the Chamber of Commerce contains six panels of information written by our Secretary and President, both of whom put in considerable time on this project which, of course, will not hurt our image as s Society and is a worthwhile contribution to the community. Our other contributions to the community are generally more anonymously done. However, a large, continuing project is our museum which needs a constantly changing display. This becomes more important as time goes fleeting by and the Bicentennial years of 1975-76 approach so quickly, we are receiving visitors on Thursday evenings and on Sunday mornings more frequently now and they are favorably impressed with what they find here in Stoughton. Many are only now aware of the existence of the Society.

OF THE MANY GIFTS for which we are grateful are some store mannequins on which to show off some of the lovely clothing in the Society's possession. These, through the efforts of Dorothy Woodward, came to us from Almy's in Brockton with their best wishes. As soon as the modern look of these "ladies" is altered we shall display them in the museum area. Such additions make it much easier to show and tell.

OUR HOSPITALITY HOSTESSES for December, Frances Podgurski and Eva Graham, assisted by Ann Podgurski, provided for our enjoyment during the social hour . . . not only delicious refreshments but a small lighted Christmas tree spreading a little glow into our lives in troubled times.

A COLLECTION OF ORIGINALS by Charles Vermoskie is growing through the kindness of this fine artist (a very apt pupil of F. Mortimer Lamb with whom he has exhibited in the past). The paintings being added are scenes of Stoughton as observed by a keen eye and produced by a prolific hand.

OUR JANUARY MEETING will take place on Monday, the 21st, with John Stiles presenting movies of the late 1930s, slides and commentary of New England'a scenic beauty and "The saga of the Mail Boxes in Winter". The movies are of a parade in which you shall see such faces as Burton Winslow and ethers you Trill recognize readily. Our hostesses that evening will be Elsie Nordstrom and Alice Sheehan. As usual this is an open meeting to which the public is invited and welcome. (Movies of the square in winter, too!)

OUR MEMBERSHIP DRIVE is entirely up to the regular members of the Society. That is to say, the officers and trustees are requesting that the regular attendance urge others within the Society to make more frequent visits, particularly at meeting time ... and, further, to invite guests who may then become interested enough to join us. Stress not only the low cost of membership but the fact that it is an honor to belong to one of the oldest continuing organizations in the Town of Stoughton.

EXCERPTS FROM THE TOWN MANAGER'S WORK (1926) . . . "All these improvements have cost money and a high tax rate has resulted. Yet there seems to be no immediate relief from the financial burden ..." "A new school seems a necessity in the near future." "The following recommendations are offered for consideration: ... That the (fire) department be increased from three to four men. . . . That the permanent (police) force be increased to four patrolmen and a Chief ... and recommend that the Town consider the purchase of a truck ... that can be used to plow snow ... Respectfully submitted, Burton L. Winslow, Town Manager"

REMEMBER . . . Birthday Bags . . . Note paper, still only $1.50 . . . New members ... Bettor regular attendance (you are missing some outstanding monthly programs if you are absent) ... Next meeting: January 21 at 7:30 with movies, slides and refreshments.

BRIDGES COVERED for the same reason that ladies' skirts were long in the same era . .  namely, to "protect the underpinning".


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