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(Regular meetings third Monday at 7:30 PM) 


Volume III, Number 11  - December 1972


WE WERE VERY FORTUNATE in November to have as our guest speaker Mrs. Alice Magee, "Dean of 4-H in the County". First, because her program was so well-presented and, therefore, well-received; and secondly, because Mrs. Magee is a veritable human dynamo with a virtually unlimited supply of energy. (From our meeting she dashed off to another at the library.) A very excellent display of materials produced by her 4-H youngsters backed up the interesting presentation by Mrs. Magee. Besides the fine work displayed in many fields by many talented young people who were not present at the meeting there was a surprise fashion show with youthful models Lynda and Eleana Siegel, Nancy Freeman, and Ann Podgurski wearing their own creations. Exhibits are an important part of the awards and merit system in U-H and the many projects shown at our meeting earned a bit more for each 4-H'er.

WE ARE GROWING AGAIN . . . and welcome to our membership the following: Erving Cline (signed up by his wife...come on in with him, Beatrice), Patricia McKenzie, and Cornelius (Joe) McSweeney. Let's make it 200 in December...we need only a dozen more to hit the mark. Sign someone up as a member.

HOSPITALITY HOSTESSES serving at the last meeting were Eva Graham; Angeline McEachern and Frieda Wade, assisted by some of our gentlemen pouring cider. Refreshments were served in new cup holders with disposable cups recently purchased with money donated to the building fund. OUR GUESTS, who enjoyed the program and social hour with us were Mrs. Bromfield, and Alan and Beth Cline (both 4-H members).

WORK PARTIES are being held on a regular basis on Thursday evenings at seven and on many Sunday mornings at ten. Come join us, even if only to keep us company...but don't be surprised if someone puts a dust rag into your hand. Helping make our rooms more presentable during renovations just prior to the last meeting were Helena Blum, Beatrice Cline, Ed and Frances Podgurski (she is our membership secretary to whom you should pay DUES THIS MONTH!), Hank Herbowy, Fred Graham, Fred Keller and Alice Magee.

DONATIONS in November were gratefully received from new member Joe McSweeney who presented us with a new Bible and color photo of three of our astronauts. From Carl L. Smith came a rubber stamp once used in our local depot. . post card scenes of old Stoughton were given by Hank Herbowy... and an eight-foot display case from his store on Pleasant Street came to us from Orrin Hansen. a memorial gift to the Building Fund was received from Helen and Natalie Lanigan and donations to the regular treasury were sent along by Florence Buker and Helen Pollycutt.

NOTE PAPER SALES are gratifying but we have not yet hit that magic point where we begin to make a profit. This little package will make a fine gift for Christmas or any other occasion. See Amy Terrell at the next meeting

On December 18 and purchase yours. (We are reminded at this point that we urged you to send to the Easton Society for their cook book but we neglected to publish the price...$2.00...but get your note paper first!

BELLS, BELLS, BELLS,...that is the subject of this very timely program to be presented by Mrs. Evelyn Sawyer of Canton at our December 18 meeting. Mrs. Sawyer has made bells of all kinds her hobby and has an extensive collection, part of which she will display and demonstrate for us at this Christmastime meeting. We are attempting to vary our programming this season and Mrs. Sawyer's presentation will be a melodious one. Come and join us on this last meeting night of 1972....7:30 on December 18.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Elizabeth Ceruti, Mabel G. Burt, Bertha Reynolds, Mrs. Kenneth Roberts, Esther Hill, Eva Kramer, Ruth Burnham and Betty Waal who share this month with Martin Van Buren, Ludvig Beethoven, Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Johnson, Rudyard Kipling and Gen. George Marshall. In this month, too, the following States were admitted to the Union: Illinois, Delaware, Mississippi, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Alabama, New Jersey, Iowa and Texas. (A few years ago one of our members must have been a rather disappointed little girl when she discovered she was born on Christmas Day, and, perhaps, was cheated out of a birthday party.)

ALL PLASTERING AND PAINTING of the upper floor should be done by the time we meet again. We feel spruced up already and would like to have you come and admire the drastic change from the beginning of this season. Our own dependable work team is to repaint the lower room at the foot of the stairs and the rest rooms. (Editor's note: it would be nice to see some new faces in that work team which has faithfully continued for many months without recognition. I'm sure their work is noticed and appreciated but they need help now more than ever.)

FROM THE "NEWS-SENTINEL" of December, 1947...Representing the Town at a hearing on abandonment of rail service to Stoughton were Town Manager Francis Atkinson, Selectmen Gustav Winroth and George Whiting. Other members of the Town committee included Miss Florence Buker, Carl L. Smith, Rep. John Webster, Louis Hanks and C. Shepley Cleaves, Chairman...Among 1947 advertisers were Burk's Shoe Store; Ralph H. Mann; Diamond Turkey Ranch; Swan's Store; Oliver's Hardware; Francis M. Terrell, house painter; Pechonis' Variety Store; Jay, the Florist; Campbell's Drug; James Lehan, Inc.; Lindelof Hardware; Anderson's Feed Store; H. H. Snow's; Tri-Mu Bowling Alleys; Norfolk Lumber; Carroll Cut Rate; Hillcrest Orchards (Wm. Lutted); Paul Jatul, druggist... Swimming Pool, Fund Committee met... Parking meters considered by Selectmen... Joseph Gibbons, of Revere, to fill position to be vacated by School Superintendent Arthur B. Lyman who has served for 17 years... Housing Authority asked for appropriation for up to 20 Veterans' homes for a maximum figure of $160,000...Playing at the State Theatre were Gene Autry in "Robin Hood of Texas", Tyrone Power in "Son of Fury", Ginger Rogers in "It had to Be You."...and five other "Turkeys" were given to lucky ticket holders... ticket prices were 35c and 50c.. .Meatless and eggless days still advocated, a continuing practice since World War II...Streets set aside for coasting were Seaver, Walnut and Cushing...Those were the days!

WE NEED, to complete our files, copies from many years of the books listing the residents of Stoughton...sometimes referred to as Poll Tax Lists or Persons Listed.

YE OL' ED wishes all of you a pleasant holiday season and all the very best for you and yours in the coming year.


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