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(Regular meetings third Monday at 8PM) 


Volume 1, Number 11 - December 1970


NOVEMBER'S MEETING found us stronger by three new members: Mrs. Charles Batchelder (ye ol' ed omitted her name last. Newsletter. . my apologies), Mrs. Marjorie Williams, Rev. Gerald Humphrey. Welcome to you all... and please spread the word. . .. ;

AN INVITATION from the American Association of Museums, to join their group was received recently. We will join sometime in the future when we are better equipped and have more room, in which to display. At that time we will; remain open to the public stated hours regularly each week, possibly daily. .

DONATIONS came; from Gertrude Morrill, the Libby estate; and Miss Florence Buker, who regretted having no refrigerator to give and sent along a check. The refrigerator we asked for has come from the Libby estate and will be in use at the December meeting, in this connection, Mrs. Esther Hill was named chairman of the refreshment committee and will be soliciting your help once a year. ...

A NEW LOCK will be placed on the rear entrance to our rooms. It will be of the Yale type, with its own keys, and we will then be able to use that doorway to enter our rooms... eliminating a number of stairs. A good light is on the rear of the building now, lighting the bank parking lot; and another will be placed at the doorway. (The Youth Center intends to place new lights all around the building shortly, thus affording more security for the property.)

A NOMINATING COMMITTEE has been chosen with Edward Meserve, chairman. The others are Allen Tracy, Jr. and Henry Rist...all indicated a willingness to serve. Their nominations will be presented at the December meeting on Monday, the 21st. Please come.

LOOKING AHEAD: in January, Gus Winroth will present his program "The Wonder Boxes" and, later in the season, V. Leslie Hunt of Weymouth will present an illustrated program "Under the Liberty Tree." And further ahead lies the dual celebration of the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the 250th Birthday of Stoughton, both in 1976. . . not really that far away. We are trying to lay some plans now on which to build a program to interest those of high school age who, in 1976 will be our young adults with lots of energy for such a big celebration.

WE NEED picture frames and glass for the preservation of many documents not now well-protected. Frames need not be ornate though some documents may be worthy of such honor. At present all frames are acceptable.

HOW MANY SPEAKERS? On recent dates five of our members have delivered talks ^resident Phyllis Batchelder in Norwood, Vice-President Carl Smith in Wrentham, Curator Gus Winroth in Easton, Ed Meserve in North Attleboro, and Bertha Reynolds in Stoughton. Ye ol' ed is sure that none of these speakers failed to give our Historical Society a boost. How many others are speaking or displaying elsewhere?

TRUSTEE HAROLD DROWN is recuperating at home after a lengthy stay in the Goddard Hospital. We wish him well and hope to see him soon.

FIFTY YEARS AGO (Sentinel, December 1920)...Popular dance records were "Wang Wang Blues", "Whispering", "Japanese Sandman" by such artists as the Ambassador Orchestra, John Steel, Olive Kline... for Christmas you could order your own Victrola or Grafanola on which to hear them...Also for Christmas: an electric shaving mug for Dad and a wireless electric train for boys. James Lehan was offering the new 1921 Ford for $500 and Upham Bros, women's shoes (regularly $15) were on sale at $4.98... Postal clerks could earn from $m00 to $1800 annually, along with carriers, with good behavior. According to custom, George Pratt, Cornelius Healy, and George Malcolm "perambulated the boundary" between Stoughton and Brockton. The following day the Selectmen continued their jaunt along the Avon-Stoughton boundary. Coffee and tea both sold for 23$ a pound, butter was at 59$, fancy rib pork for roasting at 25$, fresh shoulder sold at 24v and corned beef was 19$...canned tomatoes were three for 25$. At the Orpheum Theatre the films were "The Devil's Passkey" ( A Picture of Paris, the wicked and Paris, the wonderful); ''The Price of Redemption" with Bert Lytell ; and "Always Audacious" with Wallace Reid. The current serial was Ruth Roland in "Ruth of the Rockies" in 15 fascinating parts!.... Among the instrumental and vocal soloists at Christmas services were William Kempf, Miss Hazel Folsom, Elliot Smith, Mrs. Edgar Marden, Horace Nichols, Miss Pearl Holmes, Mrs. Elmer Royce and Frank Atherton, Pastors of the churches were Rev. Timothy Callahan, Immaculate Conception; Rev. Henry Bock, Methodist Episcopal; Rev. Edward Martin, Congregational; Rev. T.R. Kimball, Trinity Episcopal; Rev. Alfred Cardall, Universalist. "Joe" Capen was Santa Claus at the Chicataubut Club.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to our membership from ye ol' ed. ..but he hopes to see you at the meeting on December 21 to extend personal greetings.


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