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(Regular meetings third Monday at 7:30 PM) 


Volume III, Number - 3 - April 1972


OUR MOST RECENT MEETING proved a most rewarding experience due to the effective presentation by that most personable gentleman, Mr. Ed Bolster, Curator of the Canton Historical Society, who related to us the story of the "Local Taverns...and Related Subjects." Canton is celebrating 175 years since the "deliverance" from Stoughton. Nevertheless, Mr. Bolster, though he got in a few digs at us, holds no animosity toward us and readily became one of us on that memorable evening. To touch very lightly on the topic of the program, let us simply name the many taverns treated in the talk: Liberty Tree Tavern in Boston, from where stage trips departed for Providence via Bay Road (so named because it connected Massachusetts Bay and Narragansett Bay); Doty Tavern, which both towns claim as the birthplace of liberty and of which we already have learned much, Cherry Hill Tavern, Canton; Ponkapoag Hotel on the road to Sharon, along with Carroll's Tavern; May Tavern and Vose Tavern (notorious because of gaming and hard liquor) and Massapoag House, all on the present day Washington Street, Canton; Capen Tavern where the Old Stoughton Musical Society entertained on Christmas eye annually in the 1700s; also in Sharon, Cobb's, The Black Lamb, Noyes, Drake. Among the many "related subjects" were some recipes for beverages, including mulled cider and a rather potent switchel. These drinks may be sampled at the Inn at Sturbridge Village, we are told. (Editor's Note: we have been extremely fortunate in having enjoyed many pleasant programs this season. Those of you who have been absent are reminded that, though we cannot promise top notch entertainment each month, the season is not yet at an end!)

NEW MEMBERS in March were Natalie Fee, Norman Theriault and Dr. Appleton C. Woodward, We welcome you all and hope to see you regularly.

GIFTS IN MARCH came from Beatrice Rockwood, Bernice Handy, Marian Balamoutis, Helen Miller, Ruth Burnham, William Murphy, Edward Meserve; and from guests Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Perkins of North Easton; and from our speaker Edward Bolster. Gifts ranged all the way from pictures of local people and places through books, commemorative coin and booklet, to framed pictures and a rather fancy dress from the 1800s. Come and see our growing collection of artifacts. We now have much room for display and can accept larger items related to our town and its inhabitants. Items will be properly appraised for tax deduction and will be marked as mementos of the families of the donors. We are greatly interested in establishing a museum.

HOSPITALITY HOSTESSES in March were Ruth Burnham, Eva Graham and Ruth White, who served a delicious assortment of goodies in the Lucius Clapp Room at the close of our meeting in the Edwin A. Jones Meeting Room.

WORK NIGHTS continue each Wednesday beginning at about 7 P.M. and last until you run out of steam. Much is being accomplished by a few at present. Join us, even if only to keep us company.

KEEP BRINGING in the Birthday Bags regularly. Present balance: $99.15

A COMMITTEE for the coming Annual Pilgrimage in May has been formed from three lovely volunteers: Esther Hill, Chairlady; to be assisted by Joan Sullivan and Past President Phyllis Batchelder. If you are contacted for help, please cooperate and make this a pleasant day.

DUES. . . if the P.0. Box number on the front of this Newsletter is circled in Red it indicates that, as of March 31, our treasurer had no record of receiving your current dues. If you have already paid by the time this reaches you, please disregard this notice.

TWENTY YEARS AGO (Stoughton Sentinel). . . Appearing among a cast of 65 in the 20-40 Club show were Leonard Whitten, Alice Magee and Bob Poore in "Street Scene 6000 B.B."; Thelma Batchelder, Wesley Leathers and Freddie Brown in "Caesar's Household". Singers in the musical portion were Nancy Davis, Joe Minichielli, Dave Benjamin and Ed Mooney; with singing impersonations by Louis Owen...The annual town budget was ruled invalid, with a special town meeting called to correct the matter. . .Albert "Tuck" Twomey lauded at sports banquet which high school principal Howard Randall accepted the Hockomock League trophy and another from the Kiwanis... Contract was signed for construction of new cooperative bank on Park Street... Senior class play featured, among others Kiernan Glennon, Bob Klim, Theresa Jardin, Betty Holmes and Thelma Weatherwax...Frank Burke began his 25th year as S.H.S. baseball coach; honored at fete ...TV referred to as a "sprawling youthful giant" expected to have a strong impact on our culture but in dire need of better programming...Teen boys were sporting crew cuts...Mrs. Edgar Malcolm and Mrs. Albert Winroth presided at the coffee table at the Woman's Club meeting. . .Drake School property offered for sale... .Razing of the Chicataubut Club began...Record 1256 votes cast at primary...First steps in conversion to natural gas under way...Historical Society met in the parlor of the Universalist Church...

A RUMMAGE SALE is being planned for April 20-21...watch for an ad later. Please contact Mrs. Francis (Amy) Terrell if you have items for the sale; and save shopping bags from the food store. Amy's number sounds like a train and should not be forgotten: 344-2222. Proceeds from this rummage sale will go into the Building Fund to be used for many needed materials for renovation. Thank you.


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