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(Regular meetings third Monday at 8PM) 

Edward Meserve, Editor, 39 Plain Street, Stoughton, MA 02072


Volume 1, Number 3 - April 1970


OUR REGULAR MEETING on March 16 at the Lucius Clapp Memorial Building was presided over by President Phyllis Batchelder and was well attended. Alfred and Louise Ruggiero and Mrs. Sarah Landman were accepted for membership. President Batchelder presented an outline for a long-range program to be conducted by the Society in conjunction with the Town's celebration of its 250th Anniversary in 1976. This anniversary is very important to the Town of Stoughton as it occurs in the same year as the 200th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This document, though completed and signed in Philadelphia, was originally outlined and spawned in the Original Town of Stoughton...August 16, 1774: "Meeting at Doty's Tavern by revolutionists to form the Suffolk Resolves. Men attending were: Samuel Dunbar, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and Joseph Warren." (From Town records)... Our Society's role in the coming celebration was outlined clearly and the support from the residents of this town is requested to the extent that they help gather artifacts and documents regarding our Town and its older families. All contributions will receive proper consideration and care and wi1l become a part of a proposed exhibition by the Historical Society. (Mrs. Batchelder reminds us that six years in the future may seem long; but think just how short the time has been between last summer and this moment in Spring!)

The ANNUAL OUTING and supper will be on Saturday, May 23 and will include a our of Stoughton's older homes and landmarks. Gus Winroth anrd Mrs. Amy Terrell head a committee to complete arrangements-. Please cooperate with them. Notices will be sent in ample time for YOU to make YOUR reservations for a pleasant day.

A VERY OLD ESTEY ORGAN, known as the Wentworth Organ,has been bequeathed to the Society by the late Miss Minnie Goeres, a music teacher in Stoughton school for many years. This organ, accompanied by a group of choristers, traveled the countryside in a covered wagon...past Pres. Carl Smith presented three interesting, pieces for our files and Clyde Holmes, brought some framed pictures from the fire house... .Come to the next meeting on April 20th and see them...and extension cord and light, donated by Hank Herbowy for our vault and will make the viewing easier.

GOOD NEWS: The Commonwealth has seen fit to increase, the budget for the State Historical Commission.... a step, forward to help, reveal,1 restore, and retain the past. More GOOD NEWS: The Town Planning Board members have agreed to a meeting with the Stoughton Historical Society and the Selectmen regarding preservation if the Railroad Station as a historic site. (This depot was. the subject of a visual study presented, in color slides at the March meeting. It is important historically as it is the lone towered survivor of the terminal stations and is in remarkably fine condition.)

YE OL' ED requests that all material submitted for inclusion in the newsletter be received by the, Saturday two weeks previous to our meeting date. Please, Sign your contribution.

MISS BERTHA UPHAM, one of our members who died recently at the age of 91, was a member of a notable family resident in this Town since 1775. Miss Upham, daughter of Melville M. Upham, was a teacher of piano. Her brother, the late Charles M. Upham, became internationally famous as a road builder and worked on the Charles River and Mass. Highway Commissions. Charles M. was engaged for road building in Mexico and South American countries as well as being consultant in Washington. Abel T. Upham was Representative in the General Court in 1855 and another Charles Upham was Town Clerk from 1855-1866. In the 1880's Alfred and Charles were prominent manufacturers of ladies dress shoes, having their home and factory at the Intersection of Pleasant and Lincoln Sts. One wing of the factory stands today as an apartment house just beyond the intersection. (Contributed by Miss. Bertha Reynolds)

NEXT MEETING on April 20 at 8 P.M....the program will include Interesting notes on the MYSTERIOUS BOTTLE FACTORY, delivered by Phyllis Batchelder... Come, bring a friend and new member...annual dues only one dollar, the biggest bargain in town!

STOUGHTON "SENTINEL" files from April,1864: The pews of the Universalist Church, sold at auction, brought the sum of $1,311-... town meeting voted to pay the Town Treasurer $100 for this year's services...Report from Washington says they are experimenting with flying machines....Citizens suggest to the Editor that a Public library be established...From April, 1865: Excitement in town over prospect add two teachers even if it raised the for only two cents one could receive a estore sight and give up spectacles., sale of strong drink.of striking oil here....Proposal to school budget as high as $4,000... booklet telling how to speedily Local police successful in stopping

PICTURES Norwood, of trains and Ma. 02062, to trolleys are needed by Carl Smith, 26 Hoyle St. round out the history of Local travel.

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