The committee in charge of the compilation of this book desire to express their appreciation of the following generous contributors of money and material, which have made this publication possible. We hold them in grateful remembrance.

Abbie M. Arnold, So. Braintree

George A. Arnold, Braintree

Walter Atherton, Boston

Howard A. Baker, New York

Joseph Belcher, Randolph

Dr. Ernest Bent, Braintree

Elizabeth Bigelow, Norwood

Clara L. Bryant,Lockport, N. Y.

Canton Historical Society

Benjamin S. Capen, Stoughton

Joseph Swan Capen, Stoughton

Nellie M. Capen, Stoughton

Frances A. Chase, Stoughton

Ralph K. Corliss, Randolph

Hattie E. Crane, Avon

S. Minot Crane, Avon

Joseph P. Draper,  Canton

Mrs. George W. Dutton, Stoughton

Mrs. W. S. Dutton, Braintree

Marion S. Esten, Stoughton

G. Lester Gay, Stoughton

Mace Gay, Stoughton

Nelson J. Gay, South Weymouth

A. F. Johnson, New York and Savannah

Charles W. Howland, Rockland

Herbert C. Keith, New Haven, Conn.

Marion A. Keith, Brooklyn, N. Y.

W. Elmer Maltby, Stoughton

Arthur L. May, San Francisco, Cal.

Belle S. Murphy, Stoughton

Musical Society in Stoughton

Mrs. George W. Porter, Avon

Michael F. Powers, Stoughton

Miss S. Abbie Plumer,  Roxbury

William E. Pulsifer, New York

Carrie Thayer Reynolds, Tiniro

Frank W. Reynolds, Stoughton

Robert Rogers, Canton

Stoughton Historical Society

George E. Shepard, North Easton

Claribel Simonds, South Braintree

Mrs. W. Ray Spear,  Quincy

Arthur E. Talbot, Stoughton

L. Alice Talbot, Stoughton

Mary A. Thayer, Boston

Maynard C. Thayer, Holbrook
Mrs. Sarah Thayer, Holbrook

Hazel Waite, Stoughton

Mrs. Henry E. Waugh, Whitman



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