1915 Massachusetts State Census of survivors of the Civil War


Veterans for Stoughton and Avon (formerly East Stoughton)


Source: A List of The Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines of The Civil War.  Surviving Residents in Massachusetts on April 1, 1915.  Prepared for the Department of Massachusetts, Grand Army of the Republic, by the Director of the Bureau of Statistics.  In Accordance with the Provisions of Chapter 25 of the Resolves of 1915. (Boston, Wright & Potter, 1916). [Stoughton, pgs. 291-292; Avon, pgs. 21-22] 



Jarvis Allen : Co. A, 62d Mass. Inf.


Robert Barlow : Co. K, 9th Mass. Inf.; 29th Unatt. Co. Mass. H. A.


Jedediah M. Bird : Co. A, 4th Mass. Inf.


Wallace Bonney : Co. I, 2d Mass. Inf.


George A. Brown : Co. I, 1st Mass. Cav.


Ezra R. Churchill : Co. A, 5th Mass. Inf.


Seth W. Cobbett : Co. I, 35th Mass. Inf.


Horace Drake : Co. A, 4th Mass. Inf.


George W. Dutton : Co. K, 9th Mass. Inf.


J. Warren Dyer : Co. L, 4th Mass. Cav.


Joseph A. Fisher : Co. C, 47th Mass. Inf.; U. S. N. ship "Larkspur"


Samuel H. Gooch : Co. H, 7th Mass. Inf.; 18th Unatt. Co. Mass. Inf.


Michael Grimes : Co. E, 9th Mass. Inf.


William Handy : Co. B, 51st Mass. Inf.


Mather E. Hawes Co. E, 35th Mass.Inf.


John Hogan : Co. I, 35th Mass. Inf.


Hiram Holbrook : Co. D, 4th Mass. Inf.


Herbert O. Holmes29th Unatt. Co. Mass. H. A.


Charles A.  Howland23d Unatt. Co. Mass. Inf.; U. S. N. ships "Guard," "Ethan Allen," " Ohio."


Lewis J. N. Hurie : Co. C, 21st Mass. Inf.


Charles H. Jaques : Co. I, 12th Mass. Inf.


George E. Jillson : Co. F, 8th Mass. Inf.; Co. L, 4th Mass. H. A.


Chas. KannoffskyU. S. N. ship " Franklin " [Note: he actually served after the Civil War]


William J. LawlessCo, E, 35th Mass. Inf.


James P. LeedsCo. A, 13th Mass. Inf.


Horace M. Littlefield : Co. C, 47th Mass. Inf.


William B. Lovering : Co. D, 26th N. Y. Cav.


Thomas E. Lyons : U. S. N. ships "Ethan Allen," "Guard."


Moses Mann : Co. I, 3d Mass. Cav.


James McElroy : Co. C, 1st Mass. Inf.


Charles A.  Miles : U. S. Engineers.


Michael T. Murphy : U. S. N. ships " Niagara ," "Pawnee."


William H. Overton : Co. C, 1st Mass. Cav.


Benjamin F. Pierce : Co. I, 14th N. H. Inf.


George W. Pratt : Co. H, 43d Mass. Inf.


Henry Presbuy [Henry Presbrey] : Co. A, 4th Mass. Inf.


Hiram Randall : Co. K, 18th Mass. Inf.


Alonzo T. Raymond : Co. E, 35th Mass. Inf.


Francis Raymond : Co. I, 12th Mass. Inf.


Myron Rounds : Co. L, 10th R. I. H. A.


Samuel Sharp : Co. D, 55th Mass. Inf.


Michael D. Swan : U. S. N. ships "St. Lawrence," "Teaser."


James B. Thomas : U. S. N. ship " Ticonderoga ."


Andrew J. Underwood : Co. C, 33d Mass. Inf.                  .


Melvin O. Walker : Co. B, 45th Mass. Inf.


George O. Wentworth : Co. F, 13th Iowa Inf.


Henry M. Wentworth : Co. I, 12th Mass. Inf.



Additional - Stoughton Veterans at the end of the list.


William H. Blanchard : U. S. N. ships "Roanoke," " Massachusetts ."


Daniel Callahan : Co. [K], 9th Mass. Inf.; Co. E, 42d Mass. Inf.


Hiram E. Gay : Co. A, 23d Mass. Inf.


Joseph L. Greene : Co. E, 29th Me. Inf.


John W. Pitcher : Co. I, 26th Me. Inf.


Cornelius F. Smith : Co. K, 28th Mass. Inf.


J. Elmer Talbot : Co. A, 4th Mass. Inf.





- AVON -

(formerly East Stoughton)




John Q. Bent : Co. H, 11th Mass. Inf.


Joseph W. Bryant : Co. D., 4th Mass. Inf.


Eben P. Butler : U. S. N., ship "Circassian"


Samuel M. Crane : Co. K. 43d Mass. Inf.


George K. Edwards : Co. G, 1st Mass. H.A.


Henry W. Gardener : Co. A, 15th Me. Inf.


John H. Glidden : Co. H. 16th N.Y. Cav.


Maschil Hunt : Co. K. 19th Vt. Inf.


Moses D. Linfield : Co. D, 4th Mass. Inf.


Ira McLaughlin : Co. E, 6th Me. Inf.


William W. Morse : Co. C, 1st Mass. Cav.


Charles B. Oliver : Co. K, 11th Mass. Inf.


Frank W. Smith : 9th Batty. Mass. L.A.


Thomas H. B. Thayer : Co. D., 4th Mass. Inf.


Henry C. True : Co B, Me. H.A.


Thomas W. Wall : Co. F. 12th Mass. Inf.


Michael J. Walsh : Co. K. 9th Mass. Inf.


William Whittemore : Co. E., 32d Mass. Inf.


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