1810 Census of Stoughton, Massachusetts

Census Enumerator: Ezekiel Tolman
Abstracted from Microfilm of the original 1810 Census of Stoughton - by David Lambert, 2007
Source: NARA Microfilm Series M252 (1810 Census: Massachusetts, Norfolk County): Roll 18

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Pages 373 to 374

Name as it appears


Proper Spelling of name

John Atherton John Atherton 
Peter Adams Peter Adams
Elijah Atherton Elijah Atherton
John Atherton Jr. John Atherton Jr.
Widw Anna Austin "Widow" Anna Austin
Seth Alden Seth Alden
Saml Burrill Samuel Bird
Leml Bird Lemuel Bird
Isaac Bird Isaac Bird
Isaac Bird Jr. Isaac Bird Jr.
Abner Bird Abner Bird
Jonathan Battles Jonathan Battles
Benjm Bisbe Bejamin Bisbee
Atherton Belcher Atherton Belcher
Elijah Belcher Elijah Belcher
Edward Belcher Edward Belcher
Stephen Briggs Stephen Briggs
John Beamis John Bemis
Stephen Blake Stephen Blake
Luther Bretton Luther Britton
Isaac Bartlett Isaac Bartlett
Saml Bird Samuel Bird
Asa Bird Asa Bird
David Burrill David Burrill
Jonan Blanchard Jonathan Blanchard
Curtis Battles Curtis Battles
Wm Blancher William Blanchard
Joel Briggs Joel Briggs
Pages 375 to 376
Samuel Burrill Samuel Burrill
Jonan Capen Jonathan Capen
Edward Capen Edward Capen
Jonan Capen Jr Jonathan Capen Jr.
John Capen John Capen   
James Capen James Capen
Uriah Capen Uriah Capen
Edward Capen Jr Edward Capen Jr.
Benj Capen Benjamin Capen
Wm Capen William Capen
Elisha Capen Elisha Capen
Saml Clapp Samuel Clapp
James Clapp James Clapp
Wm Carr William Carr
John Capen Jr John Capen Jr.
Asa Cacek Asa Cacek
Thos Curtis Thomas Curtis
Wm Curtis William Curtis
Moses Curtis Moses Curtis
Ebenzr Crane Ebenezer Crane
Nathan Drake Nathan Drake
Stephen Drake Stephen Drake
Wm Drake William Drake
John Drake John Drake
Peter Dickerman Peter Dickerman
John Dickerman John Dickerman
Nehemiah Dickerman Nehemiah Dickerman
Pages 377 to 378
Keziah Dickerman Keziah Dickerman
Abial Drake Abiel Drake
Wm French William French
Stephen French Stephen French
Daniel French Daniel French
John French John French
Isaac French Isaac French
Joseph Gouldright Joseph Goldthwait
Widw Gay "Widow" Gay
Aaron Gay Aaron Gay 
Nathl Gay Nathaniel Gay 
Aaron Gay Jr Aaron Gay Jr.
Timy Gay Timothy Gay
Jesse Gay Jesse Gay
Hezekiah Gay Hezekiah Gay
Barna Gay Barna Gay
Mary Gay Mary Gay
Thos Glover Thomas Glover
Samll Glover Samuel Glover
Amos Guild Amos Guild
Israel Guild Israel Guild
Abigale Gay Abigail Gay
Lydia Gay Lydia Gay
Jacob Gouldthwait Jacob Goldthwait
Susannah Gouldwait Susannah Goldthwait
George W. Grovener George W. Grovener
Pages 379 to 380
John Holmes 2d John Holmes 2d
Jeremh Hixon Jeremiah Hixson
Wm Hunt William Hunt
Philip Holms Philip Holmes
Mather Holms Mather Holmes
Nathan Holms Nathan Holmes
Anna Holmes Anna Holmes
Samuel Holms Samuel Holmes
John Holms John Holmes
Joseph Holms Joseph Holmes
Michael Henery Michael Henry
Ebenezr Hayden Ebenezer Hayden
Oliver Hayden Oliver Hayden
Jason Holbrook Jason Holbrook
John Holbrook John Holbrook
Judah Henery Judah Henry
Phebe Hobbs Phebe Hobbs
Wm Holbrook William Holbrook
Robert S. Holbrook Robert S. Holbrook
Wm Herrett William Herrett
Wm Harris William Harris
Lewis Johnson Lewis Johnson
Ransel Jones Ransel Jones
Abraham Jordan Abraham Jordan
Frances Keith Frances Keith
Barnabus Keith Barnabas Keith
Pages 381 to 382
Nathll Leeds Nathaniel Leeds
Abel Lewis Abel Lewis
Lott Leach Lot Leach
Saml Littlefield Samuel Littlefield
Neheh Littlefield Nehemiah Littlefield
Eliphalet Merrion Eliphalet Merion
Jacob Monk Jacob Monk
Benjn Marshall Benjamin Marshall
Rollason Marshall Roloson Marshall
Eliphalet Monk Eliphalet Monk
Elijah Monk Elijah Monk
Wm Monk William Monk
George Monk George Monk
Ambrose Morton Ambrose Morton
Eleazer Morton Eleazer Morton
Seth Morton Seth Morton
Nathl Morton Nathaniel Morton
Barack Morse Barack Morse
Zion Morse Sion Morse
Leml Monk Lemuel Monk
Quack Martrick Quack Matrick
Amasa Morton Amasa Morton
Isaac May Isaac May
Ephm Morton Ephraim Morton
Thos Oliver Thomas Oliver
Saml Osgood Samuel Osgood
Pages 383 to 384
Frederick Pope Frederick Pope
Elijah Pope Elijah Pope
Azor Pope Azor Pope
Abieazer Packard Abiezer Packard
Charles Page Charles Page
Lazrath Pope Lazarus Pope
Wm Packard William Packard
Benj E. Payson Benjamin E. Payson
Bejm Packard Benjamin Packard
Ruth Paul Ruth Paul
Ward Pope Ward Pope
Cyrus Porter Cyrus Porter
Elizabeth Porter Elizabeth Porter 
Robert Porter Robert Porter
Seth Pierce Seth Pierce
Revd Mr Richmond Rev. Edward Richmond
Phillip Reynolds Philip Reynolds
Benjm Richards Benjamin Richards
Willm B. Sergent William B. Sargent
Saml Shepard Samuel Shepard
Joseph Shepard Joseph Shepard
Jesse Smith Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith Jr Jesse Smith Jr.
Joseph Smith Joseph Smith
Nathanl Smith Nathaniel Smith
Lemuel Smith Lemuel Smith
Nathan Smith Nathan Smith
Pages 385 to 386
Roger Sumner Roger Sumner
Roger Sumner Jr. Roger Sumner Jr.
Ebr B. Sumner Ebenezer B. Sumner
Robert Swan Robert Swan
Luther Swan Luther Swan
James D. Swan James D. Swan
Keziah Suthard Keziah Southworth
Consider Southard Consider Southworth
Otis Smith Otis Smith
Simeon Spear  Simeon Spear
Mich Smith Michael Smith
Joseph Thayer Joseph Thayer
Thos Tolman Thomas Tolman
Saml Talbutt Samuel Talbot
Jabesh Talbutt Jabez Talbot
Richd Talbutt Richard Talbot
Isaac Tallbutt Isaac Talbot
Saml Tolman Samuel Tolman
Jeremiah Vose Jeremiah Vose
Pages 387 to 388
John Witing John Whiting
Leml Witing Lemuel Whiting
Saml Wales Samuel Wales
Asa Waters Asa Waters
Zebulon Warters Zebulon Waters
Isaac Williams Isaac Williams
Joshua Wales Joshua Wales Jr.
Nathl Wales Nathaniel Wales
Joshua Wales Jr Joshua Wales Jr.

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