The 1754 Massachusetts Slave Census 



                                       Stoughton Ss

                                                            In Obediance to the Order of ye Great &

                                                            General Court of ye Nineteenth of November

                                                            Last, We have Taken An Exact Act of the

                                                            Negro Slaves Within ye Town of Stoughton

                                                            & find that there is Six Males & Two Females,

                                                            of Sixteen Years old and upward.


                                    Stoughton Janry                                       Elkanah Billing  ]

                                     ye 1st 1755                                  Wm Royall           ]     Assessors

                                                                                         Joseph Billing     ]

                                                                                         Daniel Richards  ]


Note: Though only eight slaves are listed above sixteen, there is no accounting of the slave children who obviously resided in Stoughton.

Source: Massachusetts Slave Census of 1754 at the Massachusetts State Archives [Stoughton, p. 97].

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